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Bicep Blast

  If you’re looking to build better biceps, then check out my new Bicep Blast workout. Advertisements

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Improving Joint Health

If you have joint pain then you might want to watch this short video where I talk about the importance of stretching, massages and supplements (e.g., Joint Restore).

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To Hire a Diet Coach – Yea or Nay?

Have you thought about hiring a diet coach? If so, you might want to watch this video.

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Building Wheels of Steel (Leg workout)

If you’re looking for a solid leg workout then give this one a try. If you do the entire workout, it’s about a 1000 reps. Enjoy!

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Don’t be Misled by Fancy Headlines

I recently had a chance to review an interesting article on while doing routine research into current fitness trends and topics. The article entitled “7 Exercises and Gym Machines to Skip” … Continue reading

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Multi vitamins are essential

My review of Natural Selection, a multi-vitamin, from Body Fuse. Check out the video…do your research then decided on what’s best for you.

April 26, 2013 · 1 Comment

False Starts

I recently received a Facebook message from a friend saying that he wanted my advice on getting into better shape. I informed him that getting into great shape would have … Continue reading

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Importance of Glutamine

Short video where I share my thoughts on the importance of glutamine and discuss my use of Recovery AKG from Body Fuse.

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(No) Child’s Play Workout – Part Deux (Video)

If you liked the first (No) Child’s Play workout, then you’ll love Part Deux! Ready, set-go! If you like my content, be sure to follow me on Facebook (, Instagram … Continue reading

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Supplement & Vitamin Prep

My weekly supplement and vitamin preparation process. The wasted supplement is the one that you forget to take. 🙂 If you like my content, be sure to follow me on … Continue reading

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