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Stretching for Improved Joint Health

If you aren’t stretching before and after a workout, you may be putting your joints at risk. My stretching routine is designed to keep my knees healthy. In addition to … Continue reading

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3-way Shoulder Warm-up Exercise

This video is of a 3-way shoulder warm-up exercise. I like to perform this movement before starting a chest or shoulder workout. On the surface, the shoulder appears to be … Continue reading

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Pec Pulverizer Workout

My Pec Pulverizer Workout was just posted to YouTube. In this video I demonstrate a couple of my favorite exercises as I was prepping for the Masters Nationals. If you … Continue reading

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Recap of the Mid-Florida Classic

I’m two days out from my next show, however, here’s a look back at my thinking between prejudging and finals at the Mid-Florida Classic. I want to thank my training … Continue reading

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Childhood Toys Used as Exercise?

Are pogo sticks the next piece of exercise equipment that someone will brand as a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment? That’s the question that I’m asking myself after reading a … Continue reading

June 26, 2013 · 2 Comments

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The NPC Continues to Attract New Athletes

During the athlete’s meeting at a recent show, the event’s promoter asked how many athletes were first-time competitors. And, in this moment, as I looked around the room at the … Continue reading

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Eye of the Supplement Storm

How do you spell supplement controversy? Many would spell it D-M-A-A. DMAA is actually known by several names and has historically been a popular ingredient in dietary supplements like pre-workout … Continue reading

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Training Session with an IFBB Pro

A short video of my training and posing session with Debi Laszewski, IFBB Bodybuilding Pro. This is a follow up video to my “Diet Coach – Yea or Nay” video … Continue reading

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Bicep Blast

  If you’re looking to build better biceps, then check out my new Bicep Blast workout.

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