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Childhood Toys Used as Exercise?


Are pogo sticks the next piece of exercise equipment that someone will brand as a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment? That’s the question that I’m asking myself after reading a New York Times’ article on the return of the trampoline as a form of exercise. The trampoline? Yes, the trampoline.

The article from the Times highlights an exercise studio in New York called JumpLife that closely resembles a night club. The studio is complete with loud music, a disco ball and neon lights. The major difference is that the sofas and chairs have been replaced by low-to-the-ground trampolines.

The studio located in the trendy TriBeCa area of New York was opened in October by a 50-year-old acupuncturist and massage therapist to aid her clients who often complained of exercise-induced injuries.

“The runners would have knee pain, spinners had tight shoulders from being hunched over on bikes, and the yogis had tight necks,” said Montserrat Markou, the studio’s owner. “They would ask me for advice on what workout they could do which wouldn’t cause any injuries.”
Ms. Markou opened JumpLife to provide her clients and others with a low-impact form of exercise. While the training sessions are low-impact, they tend to be high-intensity. The shirt drenching jump sessions last 45-minutes and include movements like jumps, jumping jacks, squat jumps and running in place. The studio also offers slower paced sessions that incorporate push-ups, sit-ups and arm exercises with light weights.

While I would never take one of these classes, I am a huge fan of anything that gets people up and moving and for that I applaud Ms. Markous for her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fitness. If you happen to be in TriBeCa and check out JumpLife, let me know if the class lives up to the hype.

And, for the record, if pogo sticks are making a comeback, I want it to be known that I’m a mean pogo sticker, so drop me an email if you’re looking for a spokesperson.

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2 comments on “Childhood Toys Used as Exercise?

  1. Angie
    February 20, 2014

    Where can I get this trampoline?

    • Regie Simmons
      February 20, 2014

      No clue Angie. You can try contacting an exercise supply company that Gym Source. You can also try Google/Craig’s List. I have only seen the exercise trampolines in facilities.

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