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Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six


A few weeks ago the New York Times published an article on its website with a headline entitled “Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six.” If you read this headline and clicked on the link then you would assume that you’d be reading an article which would make a case for only working out 4 days per week.

After clicking on this link on February 13, I was left feeling a little bamboozled. Why you may ask? The article with its very crafty headline actually cited a study which examined the impact of exercise on a group of elderly women. Elderly women?

From the very broad headline one would assume that 4 days of exercise was more than sufficient for EVERYONE! As I read the article and eventually the study it referenced, I was all the more upset when I learned that the study was conduct with 72 sedentary women ages 60-74!

Unless you’re an elderly woman aged 60-74, it would be a total waste of your time to read the New York Times article! And, I am as far from an elderly woman as someone can get. A more appropriate headline for this article might be: For older adults, four workouts a week may be better than six. Can you see how three little words can make a world of different?

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by any of this given that headlines are designed to grab your attention. Maybe I’m a little chapped because I feel like I was misled and ended up reading an article that I would have otherwise skipped over. Or, maybe I’m annoyed because this type of thing happens all too often when it comes to fitness. If you haven’t already discovered this for yourself, make sure that you read beyond the headline. Dig into the data yourself and draw your own conclusions.





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