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New Year’s Survival Guide

Ladies and gentlemen the darkness is upon us. It descends upon our gyms, fitness centers and health clubs like a plague. The plague cares not for gym etiquette, has zero appreciation for proper form, and will hog a piece of cardio equipment like no bodies business.


The plague is known by many names including newbie, beginner or worst still: resolutionist. (Note: resolutionists are those people that make New Year’s Resolutions.)

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, 45% of American’s will make a New Year’s Resolutions in 2012 and 38% of those will be weight-related. So, what that means is that the first couple months of 2013 are going to be extremely busy.

Fret not because all is not lost as the contagion can be contained and short lived.

Here are a couple tips for surviving the early part of 2013:

Tip one: Be mentally prepared BEFORE you step in the gym. If you’re mentally prepared then hopefully you’ll be less frustrated by those around you.

Tip two: Try to avoid the gym on Monday as people have a tendency to flock on the gym early in the week to make-up for a weekend’s worth of bad behavior.

Tip three: Avoid the rush by going to the gym mid-day or after the post-work crowd has departed.

Tip four: Wear a hat and headphones to avoid distractions.

Tip five: If all else fails, help the newbies get up to speed.


One comment on “New Year’s Survival Guide

  1. fitnupe1911
    February 5, 2013

    Thanks! Hopefully people realize that it was tongue in cheek. 🙂

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